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New Education policy 2020

New Education Policy ( NEP 2020) Fully Explained

The New Education Policy 2020 or NEP 2020 is announced on July 29, 2020, by MHRD. The education system is changed after 34 years that is almost 3 decades. To make our education policy more scientific and result oriented NEP 2020 is proposed after too many discussions and advice from the different level stakeholders and…
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CoronaVirus- All About Symptoms and Cure

We can see some cases in India of corona virus recently. We should know about it. We should take some prevention as we know prevention is better than cure. Coronaviruses are transmitted between animals and people.  Detailed investigations found that SARS-CoV was transmitted from civet cats to humans and MERS-CoV from dromedary camels to humans.…
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Being Free is An Art?

You must have heard “being free can be harmful, to become successful you should learn always a new thing, should be busy so that one can become a successful person.” What do you think is this really work? No, According to me in today’s life being free is an art. Because we are surrounded by…
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All About Chief of Defense Staff (CDS)

The Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) is that the skilled head of the Indian Armed Forces and therefore the senior-most clothed adviser to the Indian government. General Bipin Rawat will function the primary CDS until March 2022. The position was 1st formally instructed in 1999 following the Kargil War through the recommendations of the…
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Citizenship Amendment Bill(CAB) Good or Bad?

As a counselor and tutor, I am very sad about what is happening nowadays in my country. Students are fighting without any reason with the administration. I have some questions for the students who are protesting and fighting against the CAB(Citizenship Amendment Bill). Question 1- What is there concern for which they are fighting? Question…
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Career Opportunities after 10+2 Non-Med

Science students always have a sweet tooth for the inquisitiveness and research especially students of non medical studying PCM i.e Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, all in one go are indeed hard working to study these in their 10+2 grade. Students surely need clarity in choosing their careers after working this hard in their 10+2 grade…
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Analysis by counselling

How can students remove confusion about their career?

Career confusion is the most common problem among students. When they grow up, they have very less concern about their career. But when they pass a certain stage of education, they start thinking about their future and career. Then they find themselves in a fix about their future and career. The main problem in our…
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Career Options after 10+2

What to do after 10+2 with commerce?

If you have studied commerce in 11th and 12th. It means you have studied Accounting, Economics and Maths (optional).  There are lot of career options after 10+2 commerce which can be opted. You should choose a career according to your strength and weakness. You should find out future possibilities of your choice. You should also…
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students tips for board exam

How to Approach in Board Exams

The toughest times in a student’s life are here. The board exams, those that haunt the dreams of every 10th and 12th standard student all over the country, are fast approaching. If you belong to this legion, we can understand the range of emotions that you might be feeling right now. A mix of nervousness,…
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Career Counseling In Panchkula

Why is counselling important for students?

Have you seen a student just passing 10th trying to choose the right stream for 12th? Or maybe someone trying to choose between fashion designing and literature? Well, one thing’s for sure – they all could be helped with career counselling. Let us tell you the story of Pooja. She was an exceptional student and…
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