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How can students remove confusion about their career?

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How can students remove confusion about their career?

Analysis by counselling

Career confusion is the most common problem among students. When they grow up, they have very less concern about their career. But when they pass a certain stage of education, they start thinking about their future and career. Then they find themselves in a fix about their future and career.

The main problem in our society is in comparison with others. It creates pressure on youth. They should not do a comparison, they should do analysis. Because the comparison makes them weak. When they see other’s strengths and don’t find in them, they get in pressure. So analysis is very important for choosing a career. They should analyse their strength and weakness. They should analyse their hobbies and interest.

The analysis gives them insights and they can introspect themselves. If they choose a career according to their personality then nobody can defeat them. They don’t have to work hard to get success. So career confusion can be removed by analysis.

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