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New Education Policy ( NEP 2020) Fully Explained

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New Education Policy ( NEP 2020) Fully Explained

New Education policy 2020

The New Education Policy 2020 or NEP 2020 is announced on July 29, 2020, by MHRD. The education system is changed after 34 years that is almost 3 decades. To make our education policy more scientific and result oriented NEP 2020 is proposed after too many discussions and advice from the different level stakeholders and known person.

A lot of changes proposed in the new education policy. The main point is as follows.

  1. The 10+2 structure is replaced with 5+3+3+4, consisting of 12 years of school and three of pre-school. The new structure now proposes dividing the same structure into cognitive developmental stages of the child – early childhood, school years, and secondary stage. The detailed structure is as follow-
    1. 1 The 5-year structure will be a Foundational stage, where 3 years of preschools and class 1 and 2 will be included. With students from ages 3 to 8, as most of the students start schooling from age of 3.
    2. 2 The 3 yeas structure will be considered as the preparatory stage from class 3 to class 5. With students from ages 8 to 11.
    3. 3 The other 3-year structure will be considered as the Middle stage from class 6 to class 8. With students from age 11 to 14
    4. 4 The 4- year structure will be considered as a Secondary stage from class 9 to 12. With age 14 to 18 of the students.
  2. Now more focus will be on vocational training. 
  3. There will be a dedicated unit that will work on online education and e-learning.
  4. By 2030, the minimum degree qualification for teaching will be a 4-year integrated B.Ed. degree.
  5. Now the education sector will get more budget to make it more modern. Now a total of 6% of GDP will be proposed for education.
  6. Bagless days will be encouraged throughout the year for various types of enrichment activities involving arts, quizzes, sports, and vocational crafts. So that students can learn extra skills with education.
  7. The new content will focus on key concepts, ideas, applications, and problem-solving. Teaching and learning will be conducted more interactively and scientifically.
  8. The nutrition and health (including mental health) of children will be monitored through healthy meals and regular health check-ups in schools and health cards will be issued to the students.
  9. The NEP also proposed a single test for all that’s why The National Testing Agency (NTA) will offer a high-quality common aptitude test twice every year for university entrance exams.
  10. Coding will be taught after class 6 to make students more modern and competitive as per 21st-century demand.
  11. HRD ministry will be renamed as Education Ministry.

Source- GOI Press Conference.


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