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Services Provided by AR1 Services are

1.Career Counselling

Choosing a career is perhaps the most important and difficult choice that a student may have to make in his/her entire life. This very decision shapes the entire life of a student, his family, and everyone that he’s related to. So, isn’t career counselling something that should be provided to every student sometime or the other in his life?

AR1 services- the best career counselling out there

If you are in the 10th or 12th grade and need guidance on which stream to choose, which discipline to pick, then AR1 services are the place to be at. Providing the best career counselling services that you’re likely to find anywhere in the nation, we help students find a purpose in life like no other.

Give meaning to your life

It is a common occurrence for students to say that they do not know what they want to do in life. Teenage can be a very confusing period of life, and it is our duty to make it less so for the bright minds of this country. At AR1 services, we strive to help students explore every single career possibility that there is, while ensuring that the student does not lose interest or becomes demotivated in this crucial process.

Counselling for smaller kids

If your kid is yet to reach the 10th or 12th standard, it doesn’t mean that he/she is in no need of career counselling. Beginning at an early age can help students find their passion early, and spend more time working towards it. According to what the future demands, kids can shape their life as per their wants and desires.

So, what’s the wait?

If you can’t figure out what to do after your 12th standard or need help choosing a stream in class 11, then fret not! AR1 services is happy to help.

2.Subject counselling

When a student passes the 10th grade, an important choice lies before him/her- what subjects to choose in 11th standard? Arts, science or commerce? Does the student want to become an engineer/doctor or go down the humanities route? This is perhaps the toughest choice of a student’s teenage!

Don’t worry! AR1 services is here to help!

Judging the aptitude and interest of students like none other, AR1 services offers the highest quality of counselling for students to help them choose their subjects. We will make sure that students never look back on their lives and regret choosing a particular stream.

The choice that defines a student’s life

Perhaps the choice of subject in class 11 is the one that gives a direction to the student’s life. Students generally are not the best decision makers when it comes to their careers, since a lot of factors like parental and peer pressure come into play. How to negate these factors?

Subject counselling is the answer!

At AR1 services, we realize that it is the student and the student only that has the right to make such a crucial life choice. We act as catalysts for the student to make an informed choice, one that he/she will never end up regretting. Thinking about going for commerce? We will let you know about all future possibilities in the stream. Want to become a doctor? We will be the first ones to inform you about the grind and extreme hard work it takes to become one.

Make the choice wisely.

11th grade streams are not choices to be taken lightly. One wrong decision, and you could end up doing something for the rest of your life that you don’t even enjoy doing. How to save yourself from this potential catastrophe?

Simple! AR1 services’ subject counselling!

3.Home Tutions

The importance of tuitions and coaching for school-going kids is pretty high. Sometimes, it may happen that the child has difficulty in grasping the concepts taught at school, and may do better with a fresh set of eyes looking at him/her. That’s where coaching steps in.

Home coaching, though?

For those students who feel uncomfortable studying in a large group, or are in need of personal attention to improve, home coaching is the best option. A tutor will come to your home for an hour or two, teach your child a certain subject, and almost certainly will help him/her do better than ever before.

AR1 services-providing the best home coaching since time immemorial

For students of class 5 up to class 12, we at AR1 services provide some of the best home coaching for mathematics and science that you’re likely to find anywhere in the nation. Our teachers are experienced, masters of their fields, and have a way with children. So, if your child needs a bit of personal attention to get better grades, why not give him/her exactly what he/she wants?

The benefits of home coaching

Mathematics and science are two subjects that have been notorious in the minds of students for longer than we care to remember. Coaching for these two subjects can do wonders in improving the grades and self-confidence of your kids. Since these subjects call for a little extra hard work, coaching provides exactly the type of environment that you should be in while studying.

Personal attention, the comfort of one’s own home, and no interruptions- home coaching is definitely the best!

With AR1 services, your child is bound to get the best teachers to teach him mathematics and science, right in the comfort of your own home. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us at AR1 services and get cracking!

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