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Being Free is An Art?

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Being Free is An Art?

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You must have heard “being free can be harmful, to become successful you should learn always a new thing, should be busy so that one can become a successful person.” What do you think is this really work?

No, According to me in today’s life being free is an art. Because we are surrounded by a lot of digital technologies, social networking sites, games and web series. Even if you will ask your parents who started using a smart phone recently, they will say that they have no time. It can be due to their work also but mostly due to technology.

In my thinking for today’s world, if you want to become successful, you should have free time. Free time to think new things, observe your surroundings and think about yourself especially.

Let us discuss what is killing our time? Time can be killed by overthinking, gaming, social network interactions, and web series.

How can we become free? Being free is an art as I told you in the beginning. You should spend some time with yourself. You should be thoughtful. I am not against any digital means like FB, Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok etc. Also not against games and web series. Even I like some web series very much. But all these things should not overpower us.

As a youth, I think we should not bind ourselves in limits. We should be free to think about ourselves and society. We should know what we have? Who we are? Only then we can overpower our negative thoughts. For this thing, we should have free time.

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