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Citizenship Amendment Bill(CAB) Good or Bad?

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Citizenship Amendment Bill(CAB) Good or Bad?

As a counselor and tutor, I am very sad about what is happening nowadays in my country. Students are fighting without any reason with the administration. I have some questions for the students who are protesting and fighting against the CAB(Citizenship Amendment Bill).

Question 1- What is there concern for which they are fighting?

Question 2- To whom they are supported by a protest?

Question 3- How CAB is against Indian minorities?

Well, if they will study this act, they will find themselves fool. I am not against any minority and  I am not also in favour of any political party. Every party is doing politics for the last more than 7 decades.

But as a true Indian, I am not finding anything against minorities of India in CAB.

The CAB provides only rights to the minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Where minorities are being prosecuted for decades. They are not feeling themselves safe in their respective country. That’s why they are seeking citizenship in India because it is a secular democracy.

Although, in India, we have the problem of unemployment, poverty and hunger. But I am very happy to share that I am not finding any corruption in government from last some years.

I hope we will conquer the above-mentioned problems also.

At last, I want to request all the Indians especially those who are protesting in a violent way, please have faith over Indian democracy and judicial system. If any loophole will be there supreme court will intervene. But don’t harm Indian integrity.

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  1. ankush says:

    right said.

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